Whether you're going through a life crisis, had a major birthday or you're just plain sick of everything, The Reinvention Reset will guide you through the exact steps for you to bust out of the boredom, get you on track to shine and release your full potential.

Big love,


Carolynne Alexander

Hi, I'm Carolynne.

FOUNDER of A DOSE OF REALNESS and creator of The Reinvention reset.




I've spent the past few years going round in circles with my life, my relationships and my business. That was until I was sat in the bath for three hours, sobbing my heart out on a Saturday afternoon.

I'd finally had enough.

It was the final time I was going to feel like my life wasn't my own and I was sick of not shining. 

Y'know, that feeling where you know you're more but you don't know what to do?

Yeah, that feeling.

P.S. This was the hundredth time I'd done this but this time it was different.
I had finally worked it out.



So, after a lot of trial, error, failure (and tears), I reinvented myself.



So, what is The Reinvention Reset?

Well, it's a 5-day course delivered via email that includes 5 assignments where I'll walk you through the tools and techniques I used in my own reinvention and it will help you do the same.

This isn't just learning new stuff, this is implementation that builds up into a toolbox where you can pick and choose what you need, when you need it most.

I personally use these techniques to stop me from disappearing off to hide and keep me moving towards my goals.


Start your Reinvention TODAY and receive your first assignment within 60 seconds, delivered directly into your inbox.

 (That's about $25 and less than dinner!)


Let's get real for a second.

You know deep down that you're capable of so much more in your life but you just don't seem to be getting there.

Most people just resolve to start again on Monday or have another glass of wine cos it's getting harder and harder to do. 

It's easy to just forget about it and then the thoughts of "maybe this just isn't for me" start to creep in.

This is why I created The Reinvention Reset. It's something I wanted to use myself when I started to falter.

It's a simple 5-day reset that you can follow to get yourself back on track and give you the boost to grow your momentum. 



What exactly will you get in The Reinvention Reset?

Now, this ISN'T a course on goal setting. It goes deeper than that. Because if you were striving for those goals of yours, you'd be releasing your potential. Sound about right? 

Well, let me give you an example of what's included and what to expect.


Day 0. 

We start with baselining where you are and where we're going to go together before we even start.

Day 1.

It's all about YOU and what you've done.
An award ceremony and celebration of your awesomeness.

Day 2. 

We take a swing at some big truths and myths that are swirling about and squash them.


Day 3. 

We call in the help of the cavalry with today's tasks and get a boost from our greatest fan.

Day 4. 

We get the crayons out and get creative with your reinvention... and not in a way that you think.

Day 5. 

And then we take a look at everything you've done and cherry pick the best of the best for you.


Buy now instant access and start your Reinvention in 60 seconds.


Wanna know more?


Why only £29? That's cheap!

Well, I wanted this to be a no-brainer for everyone to be able to afford it. It's worth way more if you apply it and that's the magic!
It's about $25 for our US friends :D 


You get your payment confirmation via email along with Part 1 so you can start immediately with your reinvention. Then, each day, you'll receive the next part which builds on the previous day.


Good question! We're all really busy so it can be done in less than an hour a day for 5 days. If you can prioritise this over watching Netflix for a week then you're on to a winner with releasing your potential.


It works if you do. There is no magic bullet and I'm not going to sell you on the idea that there is. Being human can be hard but it doesn't have to be. These tools and techniques work... if you put in the time and patience. 

However, if it's not for you, just get in touch and I'll give you a full refund if you've given it a go. That's all I ask.

Hmm... I have a question, can I contact you?

Hell yeah you can! You can contact me via email and let me know your question - carolynne (at) carolynnealexander.com Just replace the (at). 


Thank you for being inspiring at the perfect moment!
— From K


We start as soon as you sign up. 

You get instant access to the first part where we will take a look at where you are now and make some BIG STEPS towards your reinvention.


It's about 25USD for our US friends :D


P.S. You're just 30 seconds away from choosing to release your full potential. Get lifetime access to The Reinvention Reset NOW for £19.
Are you ready?

P.P.S. After you sign up, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to these universal tools, techniques and your personal roadmap to reinvention. Meaning you can use this over and over again no matter where you are in releasing your potential.