What's YOUR cost of staying the same?

So last week, after all the excitement of launching (for real!), I also went all in and got myself a lifestyle coach. I am not messing about!

Now, I could just call him a personal trainer but he goes deeper than that. We're going into all areas of my life and taking a damn good look at them.

I've been saying I wanted to change things for a while but never did anything about it.

WHY? Cos I was scared.

There, I admit it. 

Change is hard, habits are a pain in the ass and more than that...

I didn't want to admit how bad things were.

The thought of "doing my measurements" or looking at how inflexible I was FREAKED ME OUT.

Silly, huh?

Well, after another bout of RSI (yes, it's back), I decided it was costing me not only my business but my health. 

I was pretending things were ok. 

Ever done that? “Yeah, everything is greeeeeaaat”. And you’re grimacing from the pain and the embarrassment of admitting things are utterly rubbish.

I did this for so long. I just worked harder and thought it would be ok in the end.

But while I was going through the pain, I was hating life. 

Then I worked out how much it was costing me…

How much is it costing you to stay the same even though you know you have more to give... but you don’t know how to tap into your vast reserves of potential? 

  • Few thousand pounds a year?
  • Tens of thousands?
  • Millions?

Or something even more important?

Is it costing you your happiness, health and relationships?

Or something we can’t get back... Time.


For me, I’d estimate it was a fair amount of money but the cost of my health and happiness was priceless.

Plus, I worked out how many days it was until I was “insert significant birthday here”.

THAT freaked me out the most.

Time is something we never get back. You feel like you are keeping the best bits of you hidden and it is causing you to stress out so much that you’re suffering. 


Until we take a damn good look at where we are, we don’t know how far we are away from where we want to be.

  • Sometimes, it’s a niggling feeling that we can’t shake off. 
  • Sometimes, it’s a catastrophe that makes us look at our life.
  • Sometimes, it’s a change in circumstances that we can’t come back from.

I never want you to suffer something that hurts you but I can tell you, the greatest suffering comes from not admitting there’s a problem. 

We kid ourselves into working for something, suffering to make it happen then postpone feeling awesome until we get the thing. 

“I’ll just get this done then I can enjoy my life.”

And what for? Suffering to eventually get to an endpoint and everything will be ok.


But how do we know there’s a problem?

Head over to the Life Audit to find out.

We all go up together. 

Much love,

Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander