What do YOU BELIEVE is true... for you?


6th MARCH 2018
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Hello there!

Good news, the snow has gone and the U.K. is back up and running again. I’m sure the rest of the world is looking at us like “call that snow? Pah!”

Which is a great point because that links perfectly into today’s Dose of Realness. 

I was chatting to my Mum last week about the snow and the chaos that was being reported in the news. 

Mum: “Oh the snow looks bad near you, are you ok?”
Me: “Erm, yeah I'm fine. I drove 100 miles and hardly saw any.”
Mum: “Oh?”

The news was reporting that we were without power and people being stuck on motorways overnight. 


Me: “We had about four inches and it wasn’t that bad.”
Mum: “It’s not like it was when you were a kid, can you remember that Boxing Day?”

We chatted about the six inches of snow that was dumped overnight at Christmas and it was pretty normal for this to happen. 

We knew it was normal but the media thought it was a one-time occurrence! 

What was being reported as true wasn’t reality.

And this is exactly like what we experience in life too. 

We’re sat in our houses and the reporters are telling us about chaos and horrible weather. Then when we look outside, it’s not as bad as we thought. 

The reporter is our brain and the weather is the evidence. 

Our brains get a tad confused sometimes. It doesn’t know what’s real and what isn’t. It just takes what we tell it as the truth and believes it. 

Like the weather report, they could tell us it’s the worst winter on record and we’d find a way to agree with it. 

Our brain (our subconscious to be exact) doesn’t know the difference. 

And this is why we can reprogram our brain with clear and obvious evidence. 

Like looking out the window. 

Doh! It’s four inches, not a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow. 

(We’re not gonna talk about burst pipes ok?)

We believe what we want to believe. 
And we believe what is true for us. 

My version of the snow was meh... it’s no big deal. 
The news was reporting it was chaos in my area. 

And then I found evidence to support it. 

This is a huge subject to fit into a single email. There are hundreds of books about this. 

But just take this away...

Look for your own version of your truth and then find evidence to support it. 

Here are a few to start you off. 

  • Speaking on stage is scary... but millions of people have done it and didn’t die of fear. 
  • Millions of business fail every day... but many survive and reading this email wouldn’t be possible without some succeeding. 
  • I’m not confident enough to do this... but I’ve done it before and succeeded. 
  • I’m starting from nothing, will I ever make it? Hell yeah, I will cos Apple started in a garage and look at those guys now! 
  • I’m out of shape and out of shape people find it harder to lose weight... oh hold on, other people have overcome this so I can too. 


Look for the truth you want and find massive, overwhelming evidence to support it.
Build an environment that supports your beliefs and create something awesome! 

Ok, I'm gonna go for a walk before the sun disappears cos today is going to be awesome.
That's my truth and I'm off to find the evidence ;) 

Much love,

Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander