20 things to let go of in 2018


27th FEBRUARY 2018
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Everyone loves a list and this is my list of the twenty things I've stopped doing in 2018. 

1 - I stopped saying yes to everything

Opportunities are everywhere. They get handed to me on a daily basis but not all are good for me. As they say, it's either a hell yeah or a f*ck no. Mainly f*ck nos from me from now on. 

What are you saying no to?


2 - Letting people take my time without consequence

If you're a client, you pay for my time. If you are a friend, you turn up on time. If you are a family member, I don't have to spend time with you just cos you're family. Oh, sounds a bit harsh but matey, I have work to do. Serious work. 

What work are you doing?


3 - Forgetting how far I've come

I had totally forgotten (more like disregarded) my achievements. Ever get into a mess where you're not making enough progress on your goals? Yeah, this happens to me a LOT. But I have learnt to do something instead of this. Look forward, measure backwards. I keep a list of achievements in my Notes app and when I have a progress freak out, I read this. 

What have you achieved? No matter how small. 


4 - Stopped using certain words

Worry, ha, do one. Have to, nope, you're gone. Try... get outta here! Language is SO important. 

Which words are you banning from your vocabulary?


5 - Web Design

Yup, off you go and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Jeez, this time I've really cut ties with my agency and my need to keep going. Web design is always gonna be a love of mine but I didn't start this to design for other people. I started to build something for myself. 

What career/job/occupation (or part of your job) are you giving up?


6 - Giving a shit about what people think of my skills, knowledge, experience, wisdom, superpowers

Here's the contradiction. I don't share enough of me for people to ultimately "get" what I do or how I can do. Therefore, peeps make assumptions that I don't or can't do something. BIG mistake. I was too humble for too long and that confuses people. Not gonna shut up about my achievements now. Neither should you! Shout about your awesomeness!! In fact, HIT REPLY and tell me about your superpowers!

What are the superpowers you wished everyone knew you had?


7 - Giving so much

Man, I'll happily give you the shirt off my back but y'know what, I'd rather teach you how to get one yourself cos I'm done with giving my wisdom away. I've worked hard to get this and it's time I started treating it as valuable.

What valuable thing are you giving away?


8 - Fitting in

I currently have silver hair cos I got scared of having pink hair in a pretty conservative town. PAH! I lost the pink and kinda who I was. I got told to get it back ASAP. 

How do you want to stand out?


9 - Stopping before I start

Oh yeah, I love jumping in and starting but I learnt something this year. FINISH what you're doing FIRST. I'm a bugger for having ideas but I'm pacing myself this time. One finger, one pie. Y'know?! Right now, it's finishing the Reinvention Reset course for you. I know you're gonna love it ;) 

What's the ONE THING you're gonna ship this week?


10 - Not focusing on MONEY

No action unless it has a direct return on investment because I'm all about the moolah now. Cos I know my worth. 

What's gonna give you the greatest return on your investment of time?


11 - Allowing people to in my life who don't respect me

Yup, off you f*ck. I know we're all super busy but not replying to messages until you need something isn't a friendship. Or a business relationship. It's straight up disrespectful. Cut it out or move on.

Who are you going to leave behind?


12 - Going for quantity instead of quality

I've always said I'd rather have one pair of great boots instead of ten pairs of average (cheap!) boots. I'm crossing that over to my business too. I'd rather have 1,000 TRUE FANS than 100,000 names on a list. I'm all about Dunbar's Number (look it up) and keeping my inner circle small. You can join the Dose of Realness FB Group if you like but I'm capping it at 150 and non-contributors get kicked out.

Where can you get more quality in your life?


13 - Inconsistency

Oh gosh, this is getting killed in 2018. I have a mission to go on and turning up and doing the work is needed now more than ever. 

What habits are you cultivating? 


14 - Being ON IT all the time

Man, I'm tired. I'm not getting any younger and the hustle isn't my natural state. I love getting my head down into some deep work (read the book, it's awesome) but doing it all the time is endless. Six hours a day MAX for work. If it's not done, I remind myself that I'm human and not a machine. The Terminator has left the building.

What are you stopping doing?


15 - Using social on my phone

Ugh, I've deleted Facebook and Instagram off my phone cos it's a huge time suck. Soooo protective of my time and I was kidding myself because I was spending way too much time on my phone. I must have racked up about two hours a day extra by doing this. Install Moment to track your usage. 

Which app(s) are you going to delete?


16 - Judging other humans

I'm a dick sometimes. I'm always pushing for more progress, higher standards, better, more, MORE but that spills over into my relationships. Damn it! After I read A Man's Search for Meaning, I quit doing that. It's so liberating to allow others to have their own experience of life. Just leave them to it and stop the advice.

Hmm, can't think of a question for this one...


17 - Hacking at dieting

I'm massively impatient and I'm always looking for shortcuts and I hack things. Even with my diet. I used to go all in with eating well then fall off the wagon after about four days. Now, I've given up going all in and I'd much rather eat well instead of trying to sprint to a goal weight. And lift some heavy stuff cos it's fun not cos I wanna get ripped. 

What are you going to stop hacking?


18 - Putting up with stuff

If I feel like I wanna move, I'll pack my stuff up and move. If I don't like you parking in my parking spot, I'll knock on your door and ask you to move your car. If I don't wanna stay and listen to your negativity, I'll go home. 

What are you putting up with?


19 - Believing others know better

This is a BIG ONE. I've seen behind the scenes of some pretty big influencers in the marketing and branding space and guess what, they have no idea what they're doing. That's not something negative, that's to let you know that they're winging it just as much as me and you. Very few people know exactly what they're doing so go and put yourself out there. Own your space.

What space are you going to own?


20 - Ignoring my intuition

This is the biggest one for 2018 and deserves its own Dose of Realness. So that's what I'll do... to be continued.

Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander