The Truth is a Time Machine


15th FEBRUARY 2018
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What's going on in your world? Hope all is well.

The storm has passed and I've trekked back over to Derby to Basecamp 1.

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see a change from skyscapes and sea to city landscapes and graffiti ;)  

It's a bit of a long one today but it's worth it... Read on...

Where are you now?

It's the middle of February and we're about 6-7 weeks into the year.

Now, you can be honest with me (and yourself) and let me know how your goals and New Year's Resolutions are coming along.

Mine... well, yeah... slowly but getting there.

One of mine was to completely change my career. No big deal, right?!


In fact, I wanted to change my whole life. 

Y'know when you just get so sick of yourself and the corner you've wedged yourself into?!

That was me.

Coupled with business crap, death, injury, illness and general life rubbish... I dare say my life needed changing!

If you've been there, you know EXACTLY what I mean.

If you're going through this NOW, then listen up.

I have a secret to share with you.

It involves time travel.

No, I've not gone mental, hear me out.

"You can't do that."

Ever been told that you can't do something? 

Even though you know you could.

Over time, that desire either gets knocked out of you by the world OR grows until it becomes something you can't ignore.

Many humans get told they can't by teachers, family, friends and loved ones.

And that's where the hurt starts.

There's a conflict between who you are and the world looking at you as you are right now.

You know you could, you know you CAN, but somewhere along the lines, there's fear and doubt.

And the voice inside you keeps on saying, "that thing you want, you CAN have it".

It haunts you.

It consumes you.

It eventually becomes you.

If you let it and here's how to do that.

So... time travel?

Yup, time travel.

Imagine this... You're 10 years older (and wiser), the future you has got life sorted. 

All the problems you have today were a distant memory.

Financial troubles, career wobbles, relationship gubbins have all disappeared.

Life is great! 

Now, here's the time travel bit.

You can have that sooner than 10 years into the future.

All that you want and wish for, you can have TODAY.

Step into my time machine...

It's called THE TRUTH.

Hear me out.

When you tell the truth about what you want, you get it sooner.

It's hardly a paradigm-shifting revelation but SO MANY HUMANS FORGET THIS.

We're running around in a daze with so many distractions that we forget to get to the heart of what we actually want.

THE TRUTH gives us our time back.

Don't want your career going the way it is, TELL THE TRUTH.

Don't want your relationship going the way it is, TELL THE TRUTH.

Don't want the life you have right now, TELL THE FLIPPING TRUTH!!

I didn't for a long time. I was told by the world that I couldn't.

For years, I hid what I wanted because the world was looking at me AS I WAS not AS I KNEW I COULD BE. 

This is why when we tell the truth, we get what we want sooner. 

Sounds so damn simple but it's the truth ;) 

The Truth is a Time Machine to getting what you want.

Ooooph, quite a long one today but I always want to give you something useful and valuable.

But it's only useful if you USE IT.

So, today, your challenge is to tell yourself the truth about what you want. 

And as always, HIT REPLY and let me know how you get on.


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Carolynne xx 

Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander