The Museletter is back!


Finally, the fog has lifted and my writing muse has returned.

I don't know what format this is going to be in. Weekly, daily...

But I can guarantee one thing for a FACT.

**You'll have something to feed your brain and make you ponder.**

It may challenge you, it may piss you off but I know it will open your mind to things you may not have thought about.

I believe in the idea of ONE DEGREE CHANGE.

One degree change in the flight path of your life can knock you off course or steer you to where you want to go.

Every day, we have a choice.

Course correct, or be blown where the wind takes us.

I'd love for the Museletter to be a course correction for you to change you ONE DEGREE AT A TIME.

*This ISN'T part of any marketing plan or sales funnel.*

It's my selfish way of getting shit out of my head and support you to keep going towards awesomeness.

(I LIVE for that shit!!)

Yes, there will be some business stuff in there but more often then not, it's about becoming the best human you can be.

It's my obsession. Help me with my rehab!!

Say "aye" or LOVE this and I'll get the buff stuff to you.

Fist bumps of love


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