Rebels vs Warriors


20th FEBRUARY 2018
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Happy Tuesday to you. 

Today's Dose of Realness is a deep one but it's worth the read.

I wish I could sit with you when you read it because it's really important. 
Even more now after the crazy sh!t that's going on in the World. 

Take a moment for yourself and read on... 

Much love,
Carolynne xx

Rebels vs Warriors

The society we live in isn’t set up for you to win, it's set up for you to comply.

Comply with the rules, the laws of the land and to fit into the dying industrial revolution model of time equals money and following old rules.

The World at large that we exist in doesn’t have those rules.

Nature itself gives us the clue that we’re here to create with huge abundance and constantly evolve.

The war between society and the World is what’s causing so many problems we see today.

Society ignores the World’s laws and rules to satisfy financial gain and power games.

I’m here to tell you that the society you live in is the one that I rebelled against because deep down I knew it was wrong.

I bailed out of society and gave up everything to forge my own path.

I rebelled.

I rebelled because my parents were playing the Society game but hated every second of it.

Through gritted teeth, I went to university, I got a job, I bought a house, I settled down... and I hated it.

I knew there was another way.

But in my rebellion, I rejected society.

And that wasn’t entirely a great idea.

I hated money, I hated stuff, I hated the idea of retail parks on a Saturday and a hangover from drinking the pain away on a Sunday.

I was rebelling.

It’s only lately that I realised that rebelling isn’t the way.

The way that is more true to me is the way of the Warrior.

Warriors are the true rebels.

They don’t fight AGAINST, they fight FOR something.

They fight with love of their cause not the hate of the status quo.

They fight for their version of the world not just against society’s version.

They don’t throw everything out, they take that is useful and discard the rest.

They work with natural laws and rules to make their life their own.

And if they decide to become a Warrior Queen or King of an empire, they lead others to a new reality by starting companies.

But to be a true Warrior, you have to rid yourself of influence.

Influence that comes from outside that you want to rebel against.

You see, Warriors go inside to fight their own battles first.

They meditate, they seek solitude, they form their own ideas without prejudice.

They do the inner work first before they lead others.

Warriors are a dying breed in this day and age.

Warriors are constantly fighting against distraction.

We have less true Warriors than ever before.

We have more rebels because we’re fighting against something instead of fighting for something.

I see we can all be Warriors.

I see that humans have so much potential.

I see that we’re all dying to became who we really are.

We are Warriors.

Take the time, do the inner work, find your true voice and become a true Warrior.

It’s your time to stop fighting against the world and start fighting for your own reality.

Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander