He said I was too expensive

What he really meant was that I was priceless.

Once upon a time, there was a business turning over about £60k a year.

It was paying the bills and life was good.

But the business was growing too slowly.

It needed an extra pair of hands.

I was called in to pack their products and stick around to solve problems.

I was called in as The Help.

Turns out that the business went from a comfy five figures to £320k in a year.

While I was packing the products, the owner was getting everything I knew about business to use to build his company.

***I didn’t get paid much but I was sharpening my skills.***


The next time I was hired, the business had moved into a warehouse and a logistical nightmare was brewing.

I got called in as The Fixer.

Hiring, firing, systems, operations, sales, brokering deals with suppliers...

They had a nice jump to the hallowed SEVEN FIGURES.

Job well done.

*** I still didn’t get paid much but I was sharpening my skills.***


I thought I’d retired until...

The next time he called me in, he really needed my help.

“I can’t do this anymore” said the text message.

I was called in as The Mentor.

Countless hours of back and forth getting to the heart of the problem and soothing the panic from growing far too fast.

This, I did for FREE.

He knew he couldn’t afford to pay me the true value of what he was getting so we never settled on any remuneration.

***And all the while, I was sharpening my skills.***


For five years, I’ve been sworn to secrecy about this deal.

I’ve kept it under wraps as requested.


When we spoke the last time, he wanted to let me know I could finally use him as a case study and testimonial.

“Show them the Companies House accounts and the money YOU made. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

That’s a cool three million pounds from a standing start.

***Now, my skills have been sharpened enough.***



Before I finally work out how much I should be charging.

Or go back to fixing stuff for Fortune 500s.

Or I start another company myself.

This “Business Swiss-Army Knife” is available to vision-driven businesses to take them from drowning in problems to a few million pounds.

Let’s get on the same page.

You must be doing over six figures cos that way I know your head is screwed on.

You must be going all in cos I do.

You must understand that fun is part of the plan cos if you’re not having fun doing it, you’re doing it wrong.

You must have genuine problems to solve because otherwise, you won’t achieve the results I can get you.

“More money” isn’t a problem, ok? 
That’s the easy bit. 
The hard bit is what I deal with.


If you’re honest with yourself and business isn’t the problem... (and you know it’s you) then we really do have to talk.

Cos that’s where I can really make a difference to you.


My name is Carolynne Alexander and I deal in releasing Human and Business Potential.

Nice to meet you. Let’s talk.

Carolynne Alexander

Carolynne Alexander

Sharing A Dose of Realness with humans all over the world to release their potential.