How to fix your inner game and win at life!

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Do you ever just sit and think "WOW, could things get any better? Life is awesome right now!" 


"Carolynne, that only happens to blissed out zen monks on a 100-day retreat in Bali."

I hear you, sweetness.

That's ok. We can't all disappear off to the far reaches of the world and hide from "life".

I tried it, it didn't work. 

I took myself with me and I realised I knew it was me that was the problem... not my life. Damn it. 

Actually, it's almost a year to the day that I worked this out! 

So, if we can't run away from life then we've gotta sort out our inner game. 

Maybe you're going through some difficult times.
Maybe things are changing and you have no control. 
Maybe you've just woken up after two hour's sleep and have to face the day.

I get it. Life isn't all sunshine and roses. 

Sometimes it kicks you in the butt and you just have to take it. 

HOWEVER... no matter what happens, we can have our own little mini-retreat and get away from life.

When I got back from running away, I faced life head-on and wanted to solve this riddle.

What was missing?

That's what I was missing all along.

And this is the baseline that the Reinvention Reset employs before we do any of the other assignments.

It's actually Day 0 of the course and I want to give it to you.

No sign-up, just a link to the course and you get the first lesson free.

Scroll down to the course curriculum and click the PREVIEW button to access the Day 0 lessons. 

Also, BOOKMARK this page so you can refer back to it. 

One bit of the ritual is my go-to for when I'm having a mini freak out. 

I even did it at The Streets gig a few weeks ago.

YES, it's that powerful.

And if you do decide you want unlimited inner peace and do these five rituals, let me know. 

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