The Sixth (and final) Wave of Feminism

I've resisted writing about feminism for all my life. For reasons that are personal to me but will no doubt reveal themselves in the near future.

Feminism is a touchy subject and still has the stigma of bra-burning hippies and raging, angry women due to the fact that we're still not done with the fight.

We're still fighting against and for something.

That was until I saw the truth.

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Show up, be seen

I'm a bloody lier.

I'm all for reinvention and releasing your potential but what comes after reinvention?

In my case, it was nothing. 

I'd done the internal work.

My inner game was strong but my outer game is/was lacking.

It's all well and good to be zen and sorted on the inside but to turn that into a potential releasing force, it's about making it real. 

And that for me is showing up, online, on video.

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